Thursday, May 12, 2011

Application to open A Site on the Block with DNS Jumper

For users of Internet services such as Telkom Speedy and some other services when it wants to open a site but can not or blocked by your internet service provider can use Application DNS Jumper. With this application you can easily and quickly to change DNS on your computer so that it can reopen websites in block by DNS Newsletter
However it is strongly recommended if the computer you use is not personal computers do not change the default DNS, especially if your computer/notebook that you use is also used by your relatives such as young children under the age of.
The writing is created not to give tips to penetrate the porn sites and adult sites that are blocked by internet service providers. However there may be some sites on the block that turned out not adult sites but the content and useful for our contentnya
Download and view the features DNS Jumper Here
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