Thursday, May 12, 2011

Firefox 4.0 Release Candidate

After this release up to 12 beta for Firefox 4, Mozilla Firefox has now released version Release Candidate to Firefox 4 and already can be downloaded. Release Candidate is the final version of an application after beta published by developers for previously released the Final version.
And if there is no bug is found then Firefox 4.0 RC is the version that eventually will also be released as Firefox 3 Final version. Firefox 4 will end the version of Firefox 3. Firefox 4 comes with a new look and abilities that far better than with previous versions of Firefox. One of the real features in Firefox 3.0 's support for HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and is a new generation of web browser applications.

Firefox 4 running on a platform Gecko 2.0 web. With Firefox 4.0 RC browsing will be faster, more stable and is considered safe to use when doing the browsing and opening a website. Firefox 4.0 RC also had a lot of support and can use Add-ons are available from the official firefox site. Especially with the new look of the menu will also make it easy for us in managing fitur2 and addons
Unlike the Firefox 4 Beta which when installed will be separate from firefox 3 and stand on its own, then when you install Firefox 4.0 RC then Firefox long time you will be automatically ter-update is divided into a version of Firefox 4.0 RC new
Download : Firefox 4.0 RC
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