Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Stop Hair Loss the Natural Way

In our highly industrialized society, where chemicals are present every where, it’s almost not possible to find something 100% natural. That’s why lately has appeared a new market and concept which ask us to go back to nature offering 100% natural products. This idea is present in the

hair loss treatment subject with:
Saw Palmetto Extract- latest studies showed a link connecting the hair loss and prostate, still isn’t fully understanded how the link work, but this haven’t stopped the manufacturers to lunch Saw Palmetto Extract (a prostate remedy) on the hair loss treatments market. It seems this extract makes the DHT hormone level to drop, which should help our hair and prostate. There aren’t certified studies which guarantees that the extract beneficial effect, but for the man who suffer from baldness any chance is worth taken.
Nettle Root Extract is an alternative natural remedy which comes from prostate treatment field and it’s a cocktail of key minerals Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which work great with the saw palmetto extract, when it comes to prostate handling.

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Aloe Vera is a well know and widespread cosmetic plant and anyone can find shampoos with aloe vera extract. This plant when is used in combination with wheat germ and coconut milk, will help our scalps, lowering or increasing the pH level and healing the damaged follicles. Anybody can find fresh aloe vera at the grocery stores, is cheap, and in my opinion worth trying.

Massage- we all know its beneficial effects but unfortunately hair recovery isn’t one. The scalp massage is better if you want to speed up the hair growing by increasing the blood flow. When it comes to the dead follicles the massage can’t do anything except giving you a nice sensation.

Diet- is a in essence part of any treatment and hair lose treatment isn’t the exception, in order to regrow hair your body need some key proteins and amino acids. A balanced diet wont help your hair by itself, but in combination with other treatments can do a great job.


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