Friday, June 8, 2012

Free Download Viral Money Machine

Free Download Viral Money Machine

The System Exposed:
OK let me explain you how all this thing works. In this system I create Niche Video Blogs and I
use Facebook and YouTube to drive VIRAL traffic to these Blogs. It may sound a bit complicated
at the beginning but believe me it is not at all. Almost all the work will be done by outsourcers
and you will collect the money, sounds good? Great!
Your work will be:
1. Create a Niche Video Blog
2. Create a Youtube Channel for the Blog
3. Create a Fan Page for the Blog

I will show you how to do this later. Then You need to hire 5 outsourcers to get the best results,
if you want you can hire more, it is up to you, I like to work with 5. If this is going to be your
first time working with outsourcers, I recommend you to hire only 1 and once you feel safe,
keep on with the other 4. Each-one of your outsourcers will create 6 Facebook accounts and will
add 30 targeted friends to each account on a daily basis, this means that you will have 180
new targeted friends per day, and with the 5 outsourcers working, you will have (180x5) 900
new friends every single day in total. Your outsourcers will also promote your Blog, Youtube
channel and Fan Page on a daily basis to “your friends” (the ones in the new accounts) in
Facebook to create a massive viral effect :-)

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Free Download Viral Money Machine | Password: freedownloaderz


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